Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Wishlist

Obviously from my lack of frequent posting, I am a busy bee during the week. I am sure most women finds themselves as busy as well with all the jobs and roles we have. Well it is supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend. (oh JOY) I find this spring weather absolutely inspiring and energizing. (yes I'm a 'oh woe is me' hermit in the winter) So I have a wish list for my weekend. Now I tend to be a notorious list maker, and my lists tend to be unreasonably long according to the Husband of Wonder, but flip it I'm making one anyway. I figure if I get just over half the list done it's a banner day.

1. Run the boring errands this morning. (just get it done goof!)
2. Till and prep the garden beds.
3. Enlist kids to help with outside spring clean up
4. Get oldest son to change out my tires! Please, please, please!
5. set up the kiln. this one is a double bonus - The Baroness, and Papablockhead gave me a beautiful new kiln for Christmas for my lampworking. Which I don't work on during the winter as it is too cold to properly ventilate. But now I can add in firing my doll limbs....YAY....good thing there are two firemen in the house to make sure I do this properly! ( hehe.....ceramic doll parts)
6. Laundry...........ugh boring but necessary. (don't know if this will get done)
7. Have young missy collect all the birch twigs before I mow. There's enough out there to get 4-5 brooms made.
8. Sand and finish the broom handle blanks.....maybe try out that new woodburning tool?
9. Feed the mass of teenagers that always seem to congregate here....crockpot sounds like a good idea this weekend. I think they all owe me one chore before they get fed! :)

Hmm, too much? I'm going to try anyway. So do you have glorious weekend plans?


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Well I know the tires got changed, you ran you errands this morning...I think you told me you were doing laundry too..pretty good start there kid...

Twiggymolly said...

Sunds like you get a lot done in one day too!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Hey brat stop by my blog I have something there for you...