Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Truth in advertising

I'm always amazed by other artist's work spaces. I bring this up because I saw some posted pictures of craft rooms/studios today. They are stunningly pristine, organized, color coordinated, and decorated!
I have decided either they went through a 2 week clean up mission or I am a complete and utter slob!

This is my desk after a 5 necklace bender.

Don't get me wrong I clean my space between bouts of crazy crafting, but while I am creating I don't or can't stop what I'm doing to make it 'company is coming'  presentable. If I stop to put away every little bead drawer and dust off.....I completely lose momentum. At that point I might as well just go attack the laundry monster hiding in the chute. He bites, so I avoid him at all costs!

I'm afraid to show you the sewing half of the room after the 3 bears I finished yesterday. Suffice to say the cats have plenty of tidbits and scraps to play with until I get back in there this afternoon.

I personally would like to see some 'truth in advertising', but I'm nosy that way :)

I have to go to work at the day job today. I would much rather be in the craft room, as I still have 2 orders to finish up. Sounds like much more fun than paperwork right now.

 So I leave you with what I would rather be right now :) Bright and creative blessings friends! Theresa 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Drive By Posting

Hi Beauties :)
Just a quick post for fun, while I take a lunch break from studio work.
How about some music on a monday......can you say "80's flashback" ?