Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Truth in advertising

I'm always amazed by other artist's work spaces. I bring this up because I saw some posted pictures of craft rooms/studios today. They are stunningly pristine, organized, color coordinated, and decorated!
I have decided either they went through a 2 week clean up mission or I am a complete and utter slob!

This is my desk after a 5 necklace bender.

Don't get me wrong I clean my space between bouts of crazy crafting, but while I am creating I don't or can't stop what I'm doing to make it 'company is coming'  presentable. If I stop to put away every little bead drawer and dust off.....I completely lose momentum. At that point I might as well just go attack the laundry monster hiding in the chute. He bites, so I avoid him at all costs!

I'm afraid to show you the sewing half of the room after the 3 bears I finished yesterday. Suffice to say the cats have plenty of tidbits and scraps to play with until I get back in there this afternoon.

I personally would like to see some 'truth in advertising', but I'm nosy that way :)

I have to go to work at the day job today. I would much rather be in the craft room, as I still have 2 orders to finish up. Sounds like much more fun than paperwork right now.

 So I leave you with what I would rather be right now :) Bright and creative blessings friends! Theresa 


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Your photo of your work space looks alot like mine..hehe...I do manage to get it cleaned before I leave the shop for the day..Well I have to or Bitzy will try to take goodies off the table..We all know she thinks everything on earth is a Toy for her to play with...
Have a good day at your Day Job, play nice with the other children...

Sue said...

Ha!!! I've often wondered the same thing when I see the pics of a beautiful, immaculate and SO organized workspace. I've actually started avoiding looking at them - something very masochistic about it LOL. I would much rather see a pic like you have shown of your space ....I can so relate to that!



AlyGatr said...

I don't think that looks so bad! The only reason my work space looks good is that I don't have one! I use my dinner table and if we want to eat, I have to clean up. Sorta forces neatness :)

Kaerie Faerie said...

It doesn't look messy, it looks like you are working, besides it is always good to have stuff around you that inspires or you just love!
Laundry monster tooo funny

your fairy friend

Victorian Scarlett Designs said...

I totally understand what you mean, almost every workroom I see pictures of, are so neat and tidied, I'm always envious of their tidiness! I try to keep my workspace as tidy as possible but it's difficult because I need so much while working and don't like cleaning up every night when I'm not yet finished with the design ;) I do however always try to clean up and put everything in their original places when I finished a designs (and then to start all over again!)

PlumValleyDesigns said...

My space looks worse than yours and I rarely clean up! I find that if I do, then I know where nothing is at and I get upset! I think any artists area is always a mess, this is how we create something beautiful out of chaos!

Dawn said...

my space is like your space. My husband goes mental if he goes in there, so I tell him "it's my space, you don't like - stay out :-)"
I too feel inadequate when I see those perfect spaces but like you when creating it all comes out, only goes away again when I have finished a project!