Monday, June 21, 2010

Creative Cave Dweller

I find it's entirely too easy to skip blogging through my periods of spastic and constant obligations.(That and hiding in my cave on the in between) Thought I might crawl out of my cave for a moment and share some creativity.. For your perusal, a small pictorial tutorial . .......hmm does that sound a little too Dr Suess?
   A new wire wrap pendant........

  Wire Frame    18g                                                     

3 1/2" lengths with coiled ends
 Layout, 24g wrap lengths cut
wrap 4 connection points. Snip & tuck ends, and crimp coils together. I always cheek test. Rub piece against my cheek to feel for any possible snags.
The really fun part.....pick out, layout stones.
I look at it like coloring in the blanks.....I start my coils to meet up with the original connector coils. 
I'm sure there's some technical names for the techniques I play with, but since I'm basically self taught, and experimenting as I go, please forgive my lack of exact vocabulary.

I always go back over with my favorite bent nose pliers to crimp all the coils together once every end is tucked, Last step is pictures, and hoping someone has a similar sense, or aesthetic to want to purchase my odd little bits of whimsy.
 Well That's about it for my workings....:) now back to the cave. (hmm create or get lost on facebook?)

Bright Creative Blessings!