Monday, June 21, 2010

Creative Cave Dweller

I find it's entirely too easy to skip blogging through my periods of spastic and constant obligations.(That and hiding in my cave on the in between) Thought I might crawl out of my cave for a moment and share some creativity.. For your perusal, a small pictorial tutorial . .......hmm does that sound a little too Dr Suess?
   A new wire wrap pendant........

  Wire Frame    18g                                                     

3 1/2" lengths with coiled ends
 Layout, 24g wrap lengths cut
wrap 4 connection points. Snip & tuck ends, and crimp coils together. I always cheek test. Rub piece against my cheek to feel for any possible snags.
The really fun part.....pick out, layout stones.
I look at it like coloring in the blanks.....I start my coils to meet up with the original connector coils. 
I'm sure there's some technical names for the techniques I play with, but since I'm basically self taught, and experimenting as I go, please forgive my lack of exact vocabulary.

I always go back over with my favorite bent nose pliers to crimp all the coils together once every end is tucked, Last step is pictures, and hoping someone has a similar sense, or aesthetic to want to purchase my odd little bits of whimsy.
 Well That's about it for my workings....:) now back to the cave. (hmm create or get lost on facebook?)

Bright Creative Blessings!


AlyGatr said...

I'm totally "ooh"ing and "OH!" ing here :) It is always so cool to see a work in progress. I'm glad you came out of hibernation to share. I miss seeing you around the bloggy world!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

As always you work is just Fantastic..No I'm not saying that because you are my Brat. I love your work, those are really great and I'm sure they will sell...

kpaints said...

Thanks, I love the little tutorial! Beautiful work! Glad you are back, but I totally understand the hermitress thing!

Gloria said...

I love it. I think they are great. I loved the step by step process. It looks like it's something I may be able to do some day, some time.:) Have a great week and thanks.

Treebelly said...

I think you should emerge from your cave more often because this post was awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!

Deborah said...

Whatever happened to the third melodramatic sister?

Wild Sparrow said...

This is a beautiful tutorial! Thank you for sharing! :)

TexasEagle said...

I just love artists willing to share their tips & tricks! Beautiful work!

Just dropped by to let you know that your blog has been nominated for the SunShine Blogger Award. You can read the rules and find out about this nomination on my blog at:

Thanks for sharing your outstanding writing!

Gin said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and facebook pages, and following! I really appreciate your comments.

I love your work - it's beautiful! The tutorial is great, and I'm so glad you posted it.