Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Morning Beautiful!

Wakey, Wakey . Time to start the day. For some oddball reason, I feel completely energized to get busy. Creatively busy that is....chores can wait. The chores still be there next week! Besides the dust bunnies need time to prepare for Easter anyway.

 So I'm just quickly making myself accountable for the things I want to attempt to get done today. I need to retake pics for the new piece and get it listed online.

Start a project for a new tutorial, and get the step by step pics, and notes done. (remembering to write chicken scratch)

Go through supplies for future order list. I'm seeing a future trip to Rings & Things on the horizon. I will have to tell 'Husband of Wonder' that it's a necessity for my (his) mental health!

Some online promotion.....I truly suck at this task :) promoting myself is about as easy as sucking Jello through a paper straw. Hmm on that note, I'm going to have to ask my one lovely, and elegant friend to look over my shop policies and such and help me add some eloquence to my writing.
 Well I believe that's a good start! Let us see where this day goes now :)

Creative Blessings, Theresa

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

without all the drama

 Just a drive by posting to say "Hi Beautiful" I am busy working on plans and pictures for new tutorials. As soon as I get a day without all the drama, I will be posting some new projects for you :)