Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Morning Beautiful

Good morning everyone. I just know everyone is waiting with bated breathe.....or coffee breath for the drawing. It's still early here and I am trying to get missy to brush her hair before school. I think I should have laced my coffee as it's world war 3 with the hairbrush. I cleverly distracted her with having her type in the numbers for the drawing on ( I managed to get some really good swipes in with that brush....hehe)
I assigned everyone their numbers right down the line of the list according to how many entries each had. There was a total of 32 entries this time. ( you guys rock!)

Ok ready?! according to missy and random ..............#16.............Flavoredmom!!!!!!!
WOOHOO :) I will be contacting you for your mailing info here shortly. Congratulations!

Dont forget, the next Fantastic Friday is going to be posted today on the Baroness' Blog....start skipping over there, I am sure she has something fabulous and fun!

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