Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creative A.D.D.

Or otherwise known as..... how to not finish a single freakin' project in one day!

I have had a blast wandering through all the blogs for OWOH, but now that Ive got it down to manageable numbers it's time to get back to work. HA....HAHA.
I was feeling so inspired after looking at all the eye candy on these wonderful artist's blogs I decided to design a new doll. Here she sits, naked as a jaybird....for 3 days now. Yes I realize her body is two toned....didn't really notice that myself until I was putting her hair on.

Then my bright idea to start another fantasy wrap, started me to thinking I need to organize my beads.......YEAH RIGHT! This looks like a Monarch butterfly to I need some amber to go in this. Anyone want to help find it? I know it's here somewhere........
Labels.....Need labels (sigh)
Granted not all distractions are of my own creation. I just need to put a timer by the computer so I'm not getting completely drenched surfing the web. So what did I get distracted by on the web? I found out I am in a really pretty treasury on etsy today. (hehe)

Then I got notified I just got two....(dang I feel special!) Blog awards . Cool right?! The Kreativ Blogger Award from the Baroness. Another rockin' jewelry designer, you can check out her oh so witty blog here!
As part of the rules I'm supposed to share seven things about myself. Ok here goes

*I let dust bunnies breed with abandon under the furniture. (If I can't see it it doesn't need to be cleaned)

*I will forget to wear my glasses....see reason above.

*I actually carry and use handkerchiefs. (no I don't stuff them down the arms of the chairs)

* I have seriously thought about saran wrapping the toilet bowl in retaliation of my three men leaving the seat up so the (specially kind of stupid) cat can drink the water.

*I take great delight in warming my always cold feet on the husband's thighs when he's dozing off........hehe :)

*I hide all my chocolate.....but sometimes let little miss just barely see where Mom is hiding her stash. We girls have to stick together!

*I  cry like a goof at the good stuff. Which confuses Husband of Wonder no end. As it should!

My second award.....I feel blessed :) The Sunshine Award, came from the ever talented Denise at
DLynne Art Dolls. Psst Denise........If one of your sweet babies ever makes it my way I think I'd swoon! Thank you beautiful!
So since I'm in the throes of ADD I'm going to cheat a bit. I'm supposed to pass these on to other Kreativ and Sunshine bloggers.  So I'm going to post a list of blogs I think deserve both :)
able mabel *** Astrids Artistic Efforts *** Cara Makes *** CheneyBagLady
Geoduckfest ***KaerieFaerie

Well I'm feeling the impulse to move on to something else........What?!....Oh that's right time to work on dinner, or craft room....hmm that bed looks like it needs to be on the other wall.......................I am off :)

Bright Blessings! Theresa


Baroness Bijoutery said...

That's the Brat I know and Love...And the Amber is in the third from the right..four rows down in cabinet #8...hehe...At lease you have then in drawers now label the drawers....

I love dust bunnies they don't poop all over the house and the are quiet...

Sue said...

Oh man, I can so relate with you on the surge of creativity feeling after checking out the wonderful blogs on OWOH.....and the advancing case of A.D.D.! Today and yesterday, I skittered between three projects that I have started recently and found myself so distracted constantly.

LOL at your 'getting to know you" points! I use the same method to warm my feet!


kpaints said...

Some days are like that, just surfing and basking in the sun....of others blogs.

AlyGatr said...

Can I just say...#1 it was so cool to see one of your jewelry pieces as a "work in progress". I see intricate work like you do and think "how the heck does she do that??". Of course, I still don't know...but I sort of have a clue about it now :P and #2 if I ever got to see your supply stash in person, I think I'd think I'd died and gone to jewelry makers heaven :

I love that you hide chocolate...and that you carry hankies. I only have one that was my Grammy's and was given to me when she passed away. I've always thought they were so pretty...though I'd be afraid to boogy one up!

Karen Ellis said...

LOL... Creative A.D.D. !!!
So true, so true. You're in good company!! - and I hope you don't mind me using that phrase too. Cause it so fits!!

Erica Leigh said...

i suffer from creative ADD every time i try to make something (which probably explains the 5 or so unfinished projects i have laying around).

hehe, i like the fun facts (especially the one about hiding your chocolate!).


Bevie said...

What a lovely blog you have!! I love the butterfly creation. Isn't it so much fun to create such beauties? I'm following you now so I can see more...hehehe!!!

Heather's Haven said...

Creative ADD seems to be prevelant!
I am drooling over your bead cabinent! and I too warm my feet against the legs of an unsuspecting husband!
Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Sherrie said...

Okay this sounds like a usual day for me. I have at the moment 6 projects under construction. I should just focus on one at a time, but where is the fun in that? I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for joining me on my blog. I love meeting a new face. I look forward to our future chats.

muffintopdesigns said...

omg. you sound like me!!!!


p.s. the mini EATS dust bunnies. want me to send her over?

Sharm said...
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Kerrie said...

What a great blog! I love your doll you are working on. Kerrie

Teddy Started It said...

Well I see I'm in good ADD company here:D

(and I hid the chocolate too -- but only the good stuff:D)