Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy Bee

I feel much like a big ol' bumbly bee. flitting from flower to flower. We hit the road this last weekend to watch my daughter graduate from college. (and brought her home with us) Please, by the powers that be let her find a job! Two adult women in the same house can be a very big adjustment.
My youngest Miss is busy working on her Silver Award. Which means lots of community service, and some fund raising for the project she chose. And we all know that means mom gets to aid and abet her girl scout plans. When I can get her out of the pool at the park that is.
I am just about done with the invites for the baby shower, and busy in the spare moments working on baby things. I am ever so thankful for all the wonderful patterns I have been finding online.Guess this soon to be Gramma best finish up before the baby bump pops! Does anyone else just love the way babies smell?  All sweet warm and soft. :) (and no, I'm not talking diaper)

I should be starting dinner before 'husband of wonder' gets home. Have a grand evening everyone... oh and don't forget tomorrow is 50% Friday. Check in to see what goes on sale

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Barbara said...

It's a good thing we love our children isn't it? lol You're right you have to make some very tough adjustments when there are two grown women in one house. Good luck with that! Sounds like your Summer is going to be super busy! I wish your graduate luck with the job hunting.

Hugs XX