Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tick Tock

It's countdown time. Tonight at midnight starts the 50% Friday special. There are some brand new gorgeous creations just waiting for you to take them home!

I decided since I've gotten so much fantastic feedback and traffic on this design, that these two pieces will be in 50% Friday sale. So if you were drooling uncontrollably over these beauties earlier (here's a napkin Dear)... now is the time to snag them up.

Fickle Fantasy Necklace

That lovely Queen of creativity, and elegance.... Baroness Bijoutery is offering these gorgeous creations. Perfect accessories for your summer wardrobe.

Finally from our new fantastic friend Flouncing Floozy a little pretty with a victorian flair....

Frau Straus Viennese Waltz Velvet Choker

Sale starts tonight at midnight and lasts all through Friday until midnight.  If I don't see you until then.....Have a grand and creative day!

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