Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Talent runs amok!

It has been crazy around here lately! Sorry I havent had time to post over the weekend. I just signed on and saw all the new comments on the giveaway and new followers here, and I just have to say you are all goddesses! How sweet to take the time to visit my inane spot on the internet. You all just made my heart skip a beat! How nice for a first giveaway.....Thank you! 

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I have to share, there's no getting around it. I have spent almost every night at the school the last few days. First we got to see our youngest miss in the Missoula Childrens Theater play. It was so fun watching all the children, but especially (insert extreme mama pride here) my Hannah. She was so excited she actually had 3 lines this year. She's one of the townfolk in the yellow dress on the left. 

Then we got to spend another evening at the winter sports award for the highschool. We got  to go witness Quinn getting his award for basketball. I am very proud of him! I must admit though, that sitting through 3 hrs of coaches speeches was butt numbing.

This evening we were regaled with wonderous music. (ok some of it was squeaky in spots with the jr highband) Quinn plays drums in the HS band, and sings with the choir, and miss Hannah sings with the choir as well. It always makes me giggle and cry a bit to watch them perform. I know I'm a bit of a sap, but I love those babes!

So tomorrow it's back in the craftroom! I dont have to go to work, and no school events. Whew!


Rose said...

Oh how sweet! I always loved participating in all those things, now I go to them for my YMCA kids and I cannot wait to someday go to them as a mom! :D Oh and darling it is YOU who are a goddess and not the least bit inane ;). Huge hugs!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Honey your butt will un-numb...and as every My Grandbabies are so adorable...Wish Papa and I could be there to see them do their thing...Send me the pic of Missy...