Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm it!!!!!!

I got tagged today.....what fun! I had serious playground flashbacks when I found out. Playing hopscotch, four square, remembering warnings from mum not to play on the monkey bars in a dress. :)

 I got tagged by the lovely and sweet hearted Rose! http://roses7184.blogspot.com/

Rules of tagging:
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Some random things about me: (oh dear)

1. I like to sing all out when no one is home. I sing like a blue jay, but I'm going for it anyway.

2. Chocolate and potato chips are my big weaknesses, thankfully with everyone else in the house, they generally get to it first so I cant over indulge.

3. I can cuss like a sailor. Are librarians allowed to cuss? 

4. I have  tattoos, and want another one.

5. I drive the ugliest car in town, and am proud of it. In fact I think 'Humphry the Land Whale' needs dandelion decals. It's not hard to have the ugliest car in a very small town (pop. 600)

6. I make sure to greet all my friends, and the other women in town with a hi beautiful, or hey gorgeous, or Miss So and So dont you look lovely today....I think we all need  to hear that. I've noticed most wives and mothers dont get a lot of that at home.

7. I revel in weird simple pleasures...the first pee in the morning, the way kids smell when they've been playing in the sun, or going up on the upperdeck(large backyard) and taking a nap in the tall grass. Is that too weird?

Who's it next?

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Rose said...

WOOHOO! :D No that is not weird at all, my favorite thing about summer is walking barefoot through the grass :). It is the simple things that are so special!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

That's my Brat...And I never could keep you from lying in the grass on a summer day....great post. I still have to do mine...Rose tagged me too.

glassidentities said...

Love this post.. what a fun way to learn little things about each other :) I love how you greet women :) It is so true.. everyone needs to be reminded they are beautiful or special every once in awhile.. never can get enough of it.

Carol............. said...

Hey, you sound like a happy and "up" kind ofgal and someone that would be fun to pal around with!


I have a free blog header give away going until the 20th ...it's on my photography blog if you want to take a peek.


Flight Fancy said...

LOL ...population 600, and my family makes up 6 of them. I dont know how fun I am :) Hubby says I"m spicy, and I dont know if thats a good thing?

Angela said...

Great post! I guess I never thought about the first pee as a simple pleasure...but it really is.

ElegantSnobbery said...

Haha, you crack me up. Revel in the first pee in the morning... but seriously it is so satisfying, isn't it??

I sing like a blue jay, too and it never stops me. :) Very fun answers! Thanks for sharing!