Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Driveby posting

Just a quick post for morning motivation. I got some wonderful new gemstone chips in the mail yesterday. (oh yay!) As I was putting them away I was already planning out projects, but alas I have discovered I am woefully low on wire! What's a girl to do?! Go shopping of course. Thankfully Rings n Things is just a 40 min drive.....I might even find some new pretty stones while I'm there. Whee!!!!!!!!


Dave Robertson said...

Hi Flight Fancy, we've got your wire here in the Rings & Things showroom, and a big bowl of candy to share... :)


Baroness Bijoutery said...

So did you get the wire and the Candy too? LOL

Rose said...

*poke poke* I miss you! Come and blog again :). If you need a topic I tagged you in my blog! *wink* Come and play! HUGS!