Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello Beautiful

I'm sneaking time on sonny boy's computer. He's home sick from school today and still snoozing away. Poor kiddo....upset tummy. Honestly I think that's a small percentage of his illness. I truly believe most of it is Senioritis. Since he's indisposed,  I'm going for it with his computer. :)

Did everyone survive the holiday hooplah? It was a crush around here! I'm still exhausted. Is it just me or do the holidays become more work as you get older? I so slacked this year on decorations. My exhaustive efforts to find the just the right tree this year paid off. No expense was spared......That $2 at the thrift store really broke the budget! I pulled that tree out of the box and was stunned by it's glorious possibility of being the best tree EVER. only one missing limb, the vacuum didn't remove all of the needles(bonus in my book). I hired the best decorator I know. Little miss decided our pint size tree needed more sparkle! By dipped I didn't know you could get 3,000 yards of garland on a 5 ft tree. Much less every strand of lights we have bought over the last 20 years. I tell you that tree was the most creative ( polite way to say OMG?!) piece of plastic I have ever seen. 
 I must say though, Little Miss's effort really paid off. Our small town has a holiday decoration contest every year, and dang it, if her tree all lit up in the picture window didn't take 2nd place for best tree in town.  Next year I'm getting that girl more garland!

Right now I'm trying to be busy in the studio, and it is busy at the library. The economy has
really brought more folks in to the library, and I'm only open 2 days a week, but it's hopping. I've become the local job search site, and video store. So I will try my beautiful blog friends to post more often! (As I have been missing it)

Oh and don't forget the beautiful Baroness has a Three Way Giveaway ! Be sure to hop over and enter :) Have a grand and glorious day!