Monday, January 26, 2009

Families and creating (or not)

I love reading blogs from mommies of toddlers and preschoolers. They are constantly asking how to coordinate family and business, and assume it gets easier as the kids get more self sufficient. HA! ha ha ha :) I have 4 great kids. My oldest son is an adult(22) , and still living at home. My oldest daughter is in her second year of college (away) but still calls or IMs me every day for advice or chat. My middle son is 16 , and an extremely gregarious, and busy teenager. And the babygirl is 10, and I swear from all the tears lately, that she is hitting prepuberty! (HELP!) 

So anyway this last week the kids only went to school 3.5 days. What does that mean? They are here, and their friends are here, I'm the local bed and breakfast, taxi to basketball, choir practice, cheer camp, band, etc. I'm here to tell you so far it doesnt change! I had to get CRANKY on everyone yesterday just so I could work on my orders. I was in my craftroom working on a bear, and the biggest kid ( Husband of Wonder ) wanders in and asks if I'm busy? He wants a haircut, and apperently he wants it now. So fine off we go (better to get it done or he follows me around), and sons see that dads getting a hey mom as long as you have the clippers out? the entire day was filled with "hey mom?, and hey Boo?" By the time dinner was over, I was laying down laws, even the kids' friends were given chores to do before I sent them home. I cranked at the Husband of Wonder and reminded him once again that the wife's little hobby is what paid for his flat screen tv.....he'd best do the nighttime patrol with the youngest so I could get back to 'orders'! So how do you coordinate? I dont believe there is such a thing......I just keep pluggin away, family first, business at night. Oh I did get my orders boxed and ready to ship today, and the bear is done!


Baroness Bijoutery said...

You've learn the most valuable lesson life has to never changes. And with male children and husbands they will all remain 3yrs of age. Even after they move out of the house you will still have " The Husband of Wonder" age
3...forever and ever. hehehehehe

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Oh I'm sorry forgot...that bear is just gorgous. You are one talented lady.....

glassidentities said...

for right now I have figured out that taking the time in the morning when no one is awake or when they arent here works great.. my other option right now is at night.. kids are all in thier rooms and well hubby has a huge project at work and he is spending a couple of hours each night working on it.. right here at our computer desks next to each other.. works out great.

Rose said...

Oh you are fantastic! :D I take some lessons from you. I don't have a family yet, but I am sure that when I do that is exactly what will happen!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Haha, I'm one of those bloggers who begs for advice... guess it doesn't get easier. Oh well! thanks for keeping it real :)

Kymali said...

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