Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where to start?

I'm having one of 'those' days. The chores in the house are mounting at an alarming rate, and I believe the chores outside are in cahoots with the house chores to over take my sanity! I want to work in the craft room today, but everything is conspiring against my time. School conferences, bookfair, the "I dont have a good excuse not to go" catalog party, chores, feeding the starving horde that congregates at my house, bank, post offic, groceries, car tabs, renew driver's license,orders to complete. I dont know where to start! Arggh,,,,well I can always do the usual...get another cup of coffee, find the brassiere, and gird up the ladies for a day of fun and frolic. So how does everyone else find any time?!


milk and cookeez said...

I ignore it, it's not the best idea I've ever had-but it gets me through the day.

diana said...

LOL, I'm glad I'm not alone..

What do I do? Like milk & cookez said, "igore it" does help. I only do laundry on the wknd. and the dishes when it get's outta hand or delegate to the children!! (we dont' have that many dishes w/just the 3 of us...well, except for my mixing bowls for salts/teas so I guess that's my mess!!)

The dog needs a good brushing but other than that he's healthy, fed, and loved, same with the cat; who only cares about the food part!!

Hope you are doing well. I'm ok but swamped between work, orders, & craft shows.


Baroness Bijoutery said...

I'm with diana, only do laundry on weekends. Ignore what I can when I get home from work, and do what really has to be done. Talk to my daughter for an hour most afternoons, and that is really when I get work done. A portable phone was a "blessing to all womankind"! Hey hitch it to your belt and go mobile. Weekends are swamped with making new jewelry, photos and listing. And now I have a shop I am setting up for "Husband of Wonder". Hey who needs chores when you got all that?