Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weird or Wonderful?

Today I got told once again...."you're weird!" It was all in fun, and a bit of wonder. My friends I believe have attached to me partially because of my sense of weird or absurd. Truth be told, I would rather be considered weird! If the folks around me stop thinking that, I would worry about my imaginative skills with my art, and crafting.
So how does being 'weird' play out from a business sense? I have noticed at least in my area (which is a very conservative demographic) that I watched a lot of the stroller pushing patrol walk right on by my booth. My designs at first glance dont look mainstream enough for the middle class mommy. So I decided to use my weird style, and most importantly my sense of humor to lure them in my booth. I listen to the comments they make as they are walking by.... example: Hubby makes a joke to the wife about one of my besoms. I walk right up and hand him a coupon for free riding riding lessons! It breaks the ice, and gets them to stop even for a moment to look around and see there is more in my booth that they originally assumed on first glance.
On the other hand the positive of weird style is it draws in the bold and the curious. I find that It's not just other artsy folks, what I think is cool is the bold and curious are older women! They ask more questions, and arent afraid to ask for what they want. So Im sticking with my weird self!

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Baroness Bijoutery said...

Aren't we all alittle wierd? What fun would life be is we had no wierdness in us, and what kind of creativity would we have. Life I think would be dull indeed and so would most anything you put your hand too. Embrace the Wierd and the Wonderful is sure to follow. And having since you art I see the wonderful....